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Advantages of teeth whitening

  • NRemove stains from your teeth
  • NEnjoy a brighter smile
  • NSmile with confidence and pride
  • NImprove your self-esteem

Professional teeth whitening at our office

  • NIs customized to your needs, giving you the exact degree of whiteness you want
  • NUnlike store-bought products, doesn’t hurt your gums or give you ultra-sensitive teeth
  • NHelps achieve your ideal shade much faster than other options
  • NBecause the whitening agents that we use are so powerful, the results are long-lasting

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How much whiter can my teeth be?

Professional whitening can make your teeth up to eight shades whiter! Still, remember that the results can vary depending on the amount of staining on your teeth.


Can teeth whitening damage my teeth or gums?

Not with us! Our teeth whitening procedures don’t harm tooth enamel or gums. We protect your gums throughout the treatment, so you don’t need to worry about damaging or irritating them.

What are the pros of professional teeth whitening?

Professional whitening is not only safer than store-bought options — it’s also more effective. It allows you to achieve the desired level of whiteness in a very short time (usually, just 1 application), with longer-lasting results.

What qualities should I look for in a Pompano Beach teeth whitening dentist?

Choosing a dentist is a personal choice. However, we always recommend looking for the following characteristics:

    • Experience in cosmetic dentistry
    • Positive reviews
    • Feeling comfortable with your dentist
    • Financial options that meet your needs

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