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At Lighthouse Dental Care, we’re committed to bringing the future of oral healthcare to Pompano Beach. Our practice combines the latest dental technologies with compassionate, personalized care to provide treatments that are not only effective but tailored to meet your distinct needs.

From routine checkups to advanced cosmetic procedures, our high-tech approach ensures optimal results with enhanced comfort and convenience.

Our Dental Technology

3D printer

Our SprintRay 55S Pro 3D Printer revolutionizes dental care by enabling us to produce night guards, models, temporary crowns, and more in-house, often in less than an hour. This not only speeds up the treatment process significantly but also allows for unparalleled customization and precision in the treatments we offer. It also enhances patient comfort and convenience, allowing us to provide a more relaxing treatment experience.

iTero Intraoral Scanner

By capturing precise, high-resolution digital images of a patient’s oral cavity, this scanner eliminates the need for uncomfortable traditional impressions. These digital images are crucial for planning and executing a variety of treatments.

The iTero scanner not only improves the patient experience by making dental visits shorter and more comfortable but also enhances the accuracy of our treatments.


Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is a revolutionary imaging technology that provides detailed three-dimensional views of the oral and maxillofacial area. This technology is invaluable in planning complex dental procedures, such as implant placements, by allowing us to visualize the anatomy of a patient’s jawbone and surrounding structures in exquisite detail.

The precision of CBCT imaging supports a minimally invasive approach to treatment, enhances surgical outcomes, and contributes to more predictable results.

Trios 3Shape

The Trios 3Shape system is at the forefront of digital dentistry, offering cutting-edge capabilities for capturing digital impressions. This technology is not only faster and more comfortable than traditional impression methods but also significantly more accurate. The high-resolution digital images produced by the Trios 3Shape system are essential for designing restorations, orthodontic devices, and other dental appliances with a level of precision that was previously unattainable.


Incorporating Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) technologies into our treatment protocols represents our commitment to utilizing cutting-edge solutions to enhance healing and recovery. By concentrating and applying a patient’s growth factors directly to the surgical site, we significantly improve healing times and reduce the risk of complications.

This approach is especially beneficial in surgical procedures like implants and extractions, ensuring you experience not only faster recovery but also more comfortable postoperative periods.

Benefits of our modern dental technology

  • NPrecision and Comfort: Advanced technologies like 3D imaging and digital scans allow for more accurate diagnoses and treatments, reducing discomfort and improving outcomes.
  • NEfficiency and Convenience: With in-house capabilities like 3D printing, we offer same-day solutions for many treatments, significantly cutting down wait times.
  • NCustomization and Personalization: Digital tools enable us to design treatments that are perfectly tailored to each patient's anatomy and preferences.
  • NEnhanced Healing: Technologies like PRF and PRP extraction improve healing times and outcomes for surgical procedures, making the recovery process smoother and faster.

FAQs about dental technology


What advantages do modern dental technologies offer?

Modern dental technologies streamline treatment processes, enhance comfort during procedures, and improve the precision of treatments. This ultimately leads to better dental health outcomes and patient experiences.


How do digital scans differ from traditional dental impressions?

Digital scans offer a fast, comfortable, and highly accurate alternative to traditional dental impressions. This makes dental visits more pleasant and reduces the time needed for certain procedures.


Can dental technology improve recovery times?

Yes, advancements in dental technology, including the use of growth factors, can significantly speed up healing processes, reducing recovery times after surgical procedures.


Why is 3D imaging important in dentistry?

3D imaging provides detailed views of the mouth and jaw, crucial for accurate diagnoses and for creating effective treatment plans, ensuring tailored and precise dental care.

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