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Experience a full smile makeover with all-on-x dental implants

Schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Guerra to explore how all-on-x dental implants can restore not just your smile but your overall quality of life. Our approach is to understand your unique needs and expectations to develop a personalized treatment plan aimed at achieving a durable, natural-looking smile.

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Recognizing the need for all-on-x dental implants

  • NDifficulty in chewing or speaking due to missing teeth
  • NThe inconvenience of removable dentures
  • NA desire for a more permanent solution to tooth loss
  • NExisting dentures causing discomfort or not fitting well

Your journey toward a new smile with all-on-x

Our all-on-x dental implant process includes a full clinical exam, CBCT Scan, digital scan, pictures, and a thorough medical history review with Dr. Guerra. This detailed appointment, lasting 1-2 hours, is designed to ensure a customized treatment plan using the latest technology and surgical guides specifically tailored for you.

Our small, boutique-style private practice guarantees that you receive familial care and attention, ensuring a comfortable experience with included sedation options.

What to expect with all-on-x dental implants

Comprehensive, customized consultations

A thorough examination to assess your suitability for implants, followed by a complete explanation of all appointments associated with your treatment and setting clear expectations for the journey ahead.

Durability and personalization

All-on-x dental implants are designed to last a lifetime, with each step taken to ensure the best long-term results without any shortcuts.

Sedation and comfort

Sedation is included to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure, experiencing no discomfort.

Why choose us for your all-on-x dental implants?

Selecting us for your all-on-x dental implants means opting for a practice that values:

  • NExpertise and Experience: Dr. Guerra's proficiency in placing all-on-x implants regularly
  • NPatient-Centric Care: A dedication to getting to know you and customizing your treatment for your specific needs
  • NTechnology and Precision: Utilization of the latest technology to create surgical guides for precise implant placement
  • NCompassionate, Family-Like Atmosphere: A boutique practice that treats every patient with the utmost care and respect

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FAQs about all-on-x dental implants


How do all-on-x dental implants differ from traditional implants?

All-on-x dental implants provide a full-arch restoration using 4+ implants, offering a quicker and more efficient solution than individual tooth replacements.


Can all-on-x dental implants be done in one day?

While the initial consultation and planning take time to ensure a personalized treatment, the actual implant placement may often be completed in one day, followed by necessary follow-ups.


Is financing available for all-on-x dental implants?

We offer various financing options and work with many insurance plans to make your Pompano Beach all-on-x dental implant treatment as affordable as possible.


What makes all-on-x dental implants a preferred choice?

The preference for all-on-x dental implants lies in their ability to provide a stable, long-lasting solution for complete arch restoration, improving both function and aesthetics significantly.

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