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Protect your teeth while you sleep

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Prevent bruxism, TMD, and more with a dental mouth guard

  • NMeet with Dr. Guerra to determine if you are experiencing bruxism, TMD, or anything else a mouth guard could help against
  • NWork together to develop a treatment plan that will lead to sustained oral health
  • NTreat your dental problem and enjoy a long-lasting and healthy smile

We are the go-to dentist for Pompano Beach dental mouth guards. Find out why so many patients trust us! Book your Pompano Beach gum disease appointment today.

Signs you might need a mouth guard

  • NChronic headaches, particularly in the morning
  • NUnexplained chipped or cracked teeth
  • NTMJ disorder diagnosis
  • NDurable & long-lasting
  • NClicking or popping sounds when you open your mouth

Custom dental mouth guards at our office

  • NComprehensive exam with Dr. Guerra, including any necessary x-rays or imaging.
  • NReview findings with Dr. Guerra and discuss any treatment recommendations.
  • NIf we recommend a custom mouth guard, we'll measure your mouth for the perfect fit.
  • NYou will wear your mouth guard nightly, checking in with Dr. Guerra at your regular appointments to report any issues.

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Can I just buy a generic mouth guard instead of a dental mouth guard?

We do not recommend generic sports mouth guards to protect against TMJ or bruxism, as these mouth guards are designed to prevent impact injury, not stop you from clenching and grinding your teeth. They are also uncomfortable to sleep in and not sized for your unique mouth.


How long do mouth guards last?

With proper care, your mouth guard can last years. We still do recommend that you have your dentist check it yearly to ensure it is still functioning correctly.

Does dental insurance cover dental mouth guards?

While every dental insurance plan is different, many will cover a portion of your custom mouth guard treatment at no additional cost.

What qualities should I look for when finding a dentist to prescribe a Pompano Beach dental mouth guard?

Choosing a Pompano Beach dental mouth guard dentist is a personal choice. However, we always recommend looking for the following characteristics:

  • Experience
  • Positive reviews
  • Feeling comfortable with your dentist
  • Financial options that meet your needs

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